aqualogic  - Natural water design services

We service Landscape Architects, Construction Management and Building developers.

Unique Service: aqualogic is the only company in Israel rendering design and supervision services for natural water basins:  fish ponds, lakes, falls, springs, Natural swim pools.

Unique Design concept:  aqualogic developed a unique operating system for natural water basins in hot climate.  Our technology facilitates sparkling clear natural water year round. Meeting all Israeli and international standards for natural water used for landscaping, recreation and swimming.

High Efficiency
:  aqualogic  designs equilibrium flow systems resulting in minimal energy                    consumption.

Low maintenance:
  Autonomous high quality industrial filtration systems ensure low maintenance.

aqualogic design basics:
- High level mechanical filtering to remove solids.
- Complete biological conversion using Moving Bead system
- Pathogenic UV burning. 
- Efficient hydraulics for high oxygenation.

We design in accordance to standard and regulation and in full cooperation with the landscape architect and other advisers involved in the project.

please contact us:
Aqualogic ltd.
Phone: +972-506-881166,

Lehavot Haviva, Israel 3883500